A caring neighbor, a nurse who pulled double shifts

The first confirmation that the coronavirus had infiltrated a Philadelphia nursing home came on March 20, an unseasonably warm Friday that hit 79 degrees. This first-ever picture of the havoc, how it spread, where and which homes were hit first and hardest is based on data the city inadvertently made available online that charted test results of residents at those homes from the start of the pandemic through April The consequences have been catastrophic: At least nine Philadelphia nursing homes had 50 or more cases by then. As the coronavirus took root in these facilities, the public and, all too often, family members of nursing home residents were left in the dark about where the outbreaks were occurring. Philadelphia public health officials, unlike those in other jurisdictions, so far have declined to disclose which senior facilities have experienced coronavirus outbreaks. Science-based coverage sent each weeknight to your inbox — all facts, no panic. Early in the pandemic, nursing homes — unlike hospitals, which benefited from intense efforts to equip them for the coming surge — were sitting underfunded, ill-equipped, and woefully unsupported.

When does a nurse-patient relationship cross the line?

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As of Saturday, nursing home residents have died of the virus, accounting for more By this date, Tucker House had more than 50 cases.

Just wanted to get some opinions on this one. FYI – I’m definately not in this situation, but am a new nurse and just kind of curious because I see it happen a lot already. Sep 23, I guess I really don’t understand how it’s even an issue. As long as the nurse and doctor remain professional while at work, it shouldn’t be a problem. I think it can become a problem if they happen to bring their love life, along with all of the other issues that can bloom from that, to work.

BTW, my boyfriend of 4 yrs is in medical school and I’ll be graduating nursing school in about 1 yr. When we were both working in the mental health field, we happened to be coworkers when we first met. We dated for 2 yrs and were able to keep things professional at work. There were some coworkers who gossipped but that’s human nature and it didn’t create any serious issues.

Jo Dirt. I almost wonder if one of the highilghts of getting into the nursing profession for some women is because they like to fantasize things are like General Hospital, or whatever silly soap opera portrays things like this. I guess the “office politics” part of it is what I’m questioning more than anything.

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Based on the book Unaccountable by Marty Makary , the series focuses on the lives and duties of staff members at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital, while delving into the bureaucratic practices of the hospital industry. In May , the series was renewed for a fourth season. When an expectant couple come into Chastain with complications, the mother is rushed to deliver via Caesarean section, but then she begins experiencing complications and both her husband and Devon fight to get help for her, with little success.

Scrubs Magazine went so far as to call nurses dating doctors “a myth,” student or resident moves in with a nurse- in the nurse’s apartment.

Today, there are 14, skilled nursing facilities in the United States, according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid. The federal regulations that govern a skilled nursing facility is set forth by The Center for Medicare and Medicaid. Nursing Homes must comply with these regulations, and state whichever is more stringent in order to receive Medicare and Medicaid funds.

As well as to prevent a case of litigation against them. As with other medical records, the nursing home record should be well organized and complete. This is whether it is paper based or electronic record. Additionally, poorly organized and missing documentation will lend itself to potential litigation concerns. A nursing home record can be voluminous depending on how long a resident has been at a facility. For many residents , this is their home. They may have resided in a particular facility for years; where others reside with shorter stays as a stepping stone from a hospital stay before going to their home.

Even for a short stay in a skilled nursing facility a medical record can be several hundred pages in length. Many nursing homes do not have a medical records department or designated person to organize records. Once the record is organized the expert can work more efficiently, saving time and money.

Reports dating back to 2017 recommended slew of improvements to Montreal-area seniors’ residence

Victor Munsey with grandson Dominic. Victor Munsey had been in the hospital since March 30 after falling out of bed. There it was discovered he had contracted the coronavirus at Sapphire of Tucson Nursing and Rehabilitation, where he lived because of his dementia.

Whether you are looking for a career as a physician, nurse, or pharmacist, With a history dating back to , Firelands Regional Medical Center School of our residency program offers two resident positions focused on developing.

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After earning an MD, she’s headed back to school — to become a nurse

Daniel J. DanielJRowe42 Contact. Two reports focus specificallly on Maison Herron’s inadequacies and the need for it to change its policies and practices. The report paints a picture of a facilty that was understaffed and did not provide proper communication between families and their loved ones. The report required the facility take these steps and respond to the Quebec ombudsman by October 31,

At least five nursing homes where residents have died from COVID were cited by federal inspectors for infection-control violations dating to.

Aubyn, Some Hope. When I took a job as a residency coordinator in graduate medical education at a local community hospital, I made myself a promise: I will not date a resident. I held out for four years. The residents and I were the same age: they were smart and engaged; I was social and insightful, just far enough inside their world to understand it, but far enough outside not to be consumed by it. Soon some of them became dear friends.

My now-partner, Evan, was one of the quiet ones. He was sloshed to the gills that night, but funny and clever and open.

‘Tinder boxes’: Secret data reveal how COVID-19 swept through Philadelphia nursing homes

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At best, nurses and patients develop a special bond based on trust, compassion, and mutual respect. In most cases, professional standards of care and personal morals prevent inappropriate relationships from developing. But in some cases, the nurse-patient relationship develops into a personal relationship that can lead to inappropriate behavior. The NCSBN defines a boundary crossing as a decision to deviate from an established boundary for a therapeutic purpose.

Home health nurses may help patients with tasks outside their job description, such as washing dishes or doing laundry. A hospital-employed nurse may visit a former patient after discharge to check on his or her progress. But seemingly trivial boundary crossings sometimes lead to more troublesome unprofessional behaviors. This is considered a boundary violation.

Keeping a patient in the hospital when a qualified caregiver is available could fall under this category. Inexperienced or younger nurses may be at risk for committing boundary violations because of lack of experience or understanding. Some who violate boundaries may also have preexisting or underlying personal issues, such as substance abuse. Significant and emotional life events can pose risks for patients as they become vulnerable to compassionate feedback and seek to connect with others who can empathize with them.

Signs of inappropriate behavior can be subtle at first.